If you are looking for the convenience of oven ready finger food without compromise, our range of savoury snacks are made to satisfy to the most demanding. Authentic recipes and generous fillings have helped our Pacific West and Asiana Selections become Australia’s favourite finger food.

You can find our popular snacks, like cocktail spring rolls and savoury samosas as well as authentic yum cha banquets, seafood dumplings and gyoza in your local supermarket freezer.

Snack time, mealtime, party time, simple ideas to serve in minutes.

Whether you need to have something on hand for when guests unexpectedly drop in, when you are planning a party or want to serve something new for a family meal, you can rely on our quality choices. All our ranges have no added MSG and are ready to simply pop in the oven or pan fry, ready to serve in just minutes.


Enjoy the fantastic taste of
Australia’s favourite finger food