Planning for your parties? Calculate how much party finger food you need.

Calculating how much finger food you’ll need to keep your party guests happy depends on what kind of function you are having. Is it before mealtime, or is it replacing a sit down dinner?

You also need to consider who you are catering for – men generally need more to eat than woman and children.

So here are a few tried and true ways to help you plan your parties.

How to calculate how much finger food for a party

Finger food quantities to match the length of time

  • Two hour event: 8 pieces per person

  • Three hour event: 10 to 12 pieces per person

  • Four hour event: 12 to 15 pieces per person

Finger food for a cocktail Party: 8-12 pieces each

Keep in mind the size of the pieces when deciding on quantities. A BBQ pork bun is bigger than a savoury samosa, so check the range of sizes you are going to serve as the suggested numbers are based on an average serving size.

Also remember snacks with meat and fried foods are more filling.

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