Kumera and pineapple bake - Vanuatu style

Kumera and pineapple bake – Vanuatu style

The cuisine in Vanuatu has been strongly influenced by the British and French cultures who initially colonised these islands which only gained independence in 1980. The people of Vanuatu are said to be the happiest on earth.

Seafood is a staple on the Pacific Islands and is widely available. Fruits such as coconut, papaya, banana and mango are common as well as roots like cassava and taro and are a perfect accompainment to seafood. All these are available at the local market in Port Vila, including these kumera above.

Here is a recipe straight from the natives of Vanuatu to be served with our Pacific West Seafood Dumplings. These have a generous filling and are sure to make even the hungriest happy.

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